Dana has spent her career curating, selecting and creating. A born and bred New Yorker, she understands the importance of each detail and how to source the best of everything — not to mention how to get around a city like a native.

But even a life working for some of the most refined fashion and design brands didn’t satisfy her love for finding beauty, making discoveries and sharing it all with others. This sums it up best: at seventeen, Dana turned down the senior prom for a trip to Amsterdam. Perhaps then it was when her fate was sealed. From cross country adventures to French Polynesia, from the alps of New Zealand to her favorite world-class resort in Puerto Rico, Dana lives, breathes and drinks up every new destination. 

Traveling is about living, experiencing, opening your eyes to all that is around you.

Luxami Travel grew from her own travel experiences and thrives because of Dana’s belief that even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. This passion is what she brings to each itinerary, no matter if it is a family reunion at Walt Disney World, or a tour of the Marrakech casbah. She believes that the guide arriving on time is as important as having a list of top local spots in your back pocket. Whether you are a family of four, or a couple celebrating a major milestone, travel should be a reflection of where you are in your own adventure. Luxami Travel was created to help you embark on the trip you imagined — only better.

Being just a small part of helping to create stories for others is why this is my passion, my business and my dream.

Prior to founding Luxami Travel, Dana’s resume runs deep in beauty and luxury: brands like Barneys New York, Takashimaya New York, Christian Dior, Nordstrom, Stila, Estēe Lauder, Lancôme, Biotherm Cosmetics have all called upon her sourcing, buying, client service and management skills — but most importantly, her refined eye for perfection. She has launched products, managed major events, trained staff and created experiences for everyone from everyday clients to CEOs. But through it all, her own Passport has been the driving force. Today, she uses her professional skills to work for the hard-won reservations, to discover the perfect hotel or beach that you have in your imagination, and to deliver a seamless experience.

Dana graduated from Goucher College with a B.A., and has lived in Portland, San Diego, Chicago, Baltimore, Arlington, Virginia, New York and now resides in Los Angeles. She has traveled to over 20 countries and continues to dream up excursions to many more.